About Us

At Stormpack, we have a clear mission: to equip you for life's daily adventures. Established in 1992, our passion lies in creating top-quality clothing, outerwear, and accessories for the Suburban Explorer. With a perfect blend of function, comfort, and durability, our products empower you to perform at your best, no matter the situation. We take pride in our Canadian roots, drawing inspiration from the diverse weather conditions that test our gear's durability.

Focused on Performance

Performance is at the forefront of everything we design so you are always ready to weather any storm
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& Social Responsibility

Doing the right thing and being conscious about the environment is engrained in the core of the company. We recognize the importance of sustainability, social responsibility, and preserving our natural environment for future generations. We are committed to continuously improving the way we operate. 

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Sustainability & Social Responsibility

Stormpack is a proud member of Textile Exchange, which is a global non-profit driving positive impact on climate change across the fashion and textile industry. Through their Climate+ strategy, they’ve set out to direct the global textile industry towards achieving a 45% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions within the fiber and raw materials production stage by 2030. 

Sustainability & Social Responsibility

We are proud to work exclusively with WRAP certified facilities. Working with partners who share our values is key to maintaining our standards of ethical manufacturing, environmental responsibility, and transparency. 

Our Commitment 


We are dedicated to uplifting our local community, ensuring fair working conditions throughout our supply chain, and fostering a positive working environment for all our employees.


We strive to increase the use of preferred materials across our product lines, minimize the impact of our packaging, and integrate sustainability and circular design principles into every step of our product development process.


We are committed to managing the environmental impacts of our head office, reducing waste, and actively supporting local and global environmental initiatives.